East Coast Survival Guide Workshop November 27-29, 2015

East Coast Survival Guide Workshop November 27-29, 2015


“I went into this workshop with pretty high expectations, given the work I had seen from Liam and Steph previously and the group of people they were expecting. But my expectations were not simply met – they were pretty much blown out of the water. It was an amazing weekend and one of the best workshops I have ever attended.

I had a feeling Liam would be pretty candid about everything but his honesty and willingness to discuss anything (literally anything) about photography or his business was both surprising and touching. His candor really created an atmosphere that had everybody sharing, asking questions, and collaborating on ideas. This kind of feeling isn’t easy to recreate and I absolutely credit Liam with making it happen. He set the tone because he genuinely wants to make our industry better. No egos, no pretense, just lots of interesting perspectives to mull over.”I didn’t shoot a single frame during the workshop and yet I left feeling more excited about photography and itching to try out a list of things that will improve my shooting and my business. I strongly recommend the Applehead Experience to anybody who isn’t afraid of the f-word or a paradigm shift. I pretty much guarantee you’ll get both.”

– Riki Sulis.

Until October 31th $769.00 + HST
Starting November 1st $1000.00 + HST